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Reduce Inflammation and Stay Active!

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Joint and Tendon Protection

EnzymePlus's proteolytic enzyme and antioxidant blend has been shown to maintain healthy joints and reduce pain associated with moderate arthritis. [1,2,3] 

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Soreness and Inflammation

Less inflammation in your muscles and joints means less soreness, letting you stay active and fit in those extra workouts.

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Muscle Fatigue and Aerobic Capacity

EnzymePlus increases blood flow allowing for better oxygen and nutrient supply to tissues and more efficient clearing of metabolic wastes such as ammonia and lactic acid. This has been shown to decrease muscle fatigue and increase aerobic energy production. [4,5,6]

100% Natural

No artifical flavors, colors, sweeteners

Helps Relieve Sore Muscles and Joints

Supports Muscle Recovery After Exercise

Helps Maintain Healthy Tendons and Joints

Helps Maintain a Healthy Cardiovascular System




Blocks the messengers of inflammation.

Natural enzymes extracted from the stem of pineapples which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Is known to block the messengers of inflammation (cytokines) to help prevent the inflammatory response from spreading to healthy tissues. 

Arginine & Citrulline

Protects the cardiovascular system and balances the immune system.

Increases nitric oxide which reduces white blood cell adhesion and penetration to the vascular lining. This restores an overactive immune system to its healthy state.  Long term use of arginine has also shown to protect the vascular lining and reverse arterial plaque formation. 


Protects the intestinal lining and helps treat leaky gut.

An essential amino acid for the immune system and digestive system. Protects and builds the intestinal lining and is known to be a front line treatment for leaky gut. 


Helps reduce oxidative stress and free radicals.

Vitamin C and organic fruit extracts are powerful antioxidants which help to reduce oxidative stress and free radical tissue damage. They also double as natural flavoring and coloring, avoiding unnecessary fillers and artificial ingredients.  


Dissolve 1 to 2 servings in water and take 1 to 2 times daily. To reduce soreness from exercise, consume 1 serving 30 mins before exercise and another serving during or immediately after.  


Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breast feeding, have renal/kidney disease, gastrointestinal lesion/ulcer, or are taking an anticoagulant/blood thinner, anti-inflammatory or antibiotic. 

Quality Guaranteed 

Every batch of EnzymePlus gets rigorously tested to ensure potency and meet pharmaceutical grade purity standards.

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